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Amazing comfortable yet small sleeping pads

I got the Inertia XL pad for the full body and it is the most comfortable sleeping pad I've ever used. This pad only takes me 5 breaths to blow up and then has a hand pump to pressurize it to perfect fill! I love it. Plus it's still tiny rolled up! About the size of a water bottle. Way to go guys creating great outdoor products. I'm saving up for one of your cool looking vests this winter to keep me warm while skiing!


REI is the best for outdoor gear

I love REI. They always have the highest quality outdoor gear.


Yeah Google is amazing.

Free stuff all over the place, plus they make me lots of money with Adwords.


Great mobile broadband offering

I couldn't afford paying $50/month when I don't use mobile Internet every month. TruConnect lets me pay only when I need it and pay by the MB. This means I save money since I would never use anywhere near 1GB because I'm almost always on a home of office WiFi network.

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PROFIL - Taylors

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