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rip off

If I hadn't been tied into a contract I would have moved my account some where else. BRITISH TELECOM don't make me laugh, call center in some foreign country cannot understand the operatives. Not recommended

Virgin Atlantic


We have only ever flown Virgin once to Hong Kong, (The old Airport) and it was my wife's first ever flight. The staff were excellent and very nice and accommodating, If We had the money we would certainly fly with them again


Brilliant product

Our Daughter bought us one of the Vacuums and we think its the best we have ever used should have bought one years ago, instead of the cheaper lookalikes


Excellent Service

As A retired Electrician and now doing all those odd jobs around the house I cannot always get out to my local Depot, so I use on-line quite a lot. next day delivery and prompt attention to any queries

City Link


I am still waiting for the Christmas present ordered by my daughter on the 13th December Loads of excuses, (Not there fault, etc. etc. Yeah Right!!!!!!)

fast service

I have used MOONPIG for cards to Australia and the service is very good


Excellent Service

I can GOOGLE just about anything and find it instantly



I only use Amazon generally to download books to my wifes Kindle I have bought a few things and the service was first class



I have only had one bad experience with Ebay as a Buyer but other wise no problems

Acacia Masonic-regalia

Excellent Service

I have used Acacia in the past and despite a couple of hiccups they have always delivered on time.
Any queries are easily sorted in person on the phone.

CRAFT ordering service:

First class
Trouble free

PROFIL - Ernest R Stammers.s

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Ernest R Stammers.
Man, 1946


Freemason. Motorcyclist, scuba-diver, retired electrician. Grandfather of 4.