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Good specs, but awful company !

It was only after I entered the incorrect lens prescription on their website that I realised that there is virtually little or no company service from Select Specs.

I tried to correct my mistake as early as possible in order to minimise delay but no-one would respond to my emails. There is no direct Customer Services contact number - this is a bit of a giveaway that a) customer service is not a primary concern, or b) the company is more mickey mouse than the Disney corporation. I suspect the latter.

(Interestingly I did find a company photo which looks like this is just being run out of someone's flat).

On top of this their live chat feature on the website was never working, so I couldn't contact anyone this way.

Anyhow, it eventually all got sorted but only after I blitzed their facebook page.

As I have said the specs were actually pretty good so no complaints there. However, given the pretty appalling lack of customer care I'd go somewhere else if I order specs online again.

Personally I'd recommend DirectSight - they were efficient, their specs were also good quality, and their customer service was excellent.

Judging by the serious amount of negative reviews on TrustPilot alone about SelectSpecs you think they'd listen and improve their act.

Top banana !

Many thanks to Sian and the gang at DirectSight. Good inexpensive specs, first rate customer service, and speedy delivery.

Much better than experiences I have had with other internet companies out there (yes SelectSpecs....I mean YOU !!!).

Now, where can I find a review website where Directsight can rate me as a customer ???? *grin* I reckon I'm worth 4 or 5 stars at least.

Waiting for a response....

No problems with purchase, delivery, etc. HOWEVER.....

I bought a sports ice pack from here and for some reason it didn't come with any instructions. I emailed Superfooduk and haven't yet had a response. This wouldn't be so bad if it hadn't been when my wife used it for the first time the other night she developed a severe burn after using the product for 20mins. Furthermore the area of flesh she applied this product to had frozen solid from contact with the skin.

I am not impressed that we were left to guesstimate a) how long the ice pack should have been applied b) that there was nothing to warn that it shouldn't be directly applied to my skin.

I'm hoping now Superfood will respond to my email.

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