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Animed Direct

superfast service

excellent value really impressed with the service!
really fast delivery less than 48hrs !!!!
what a saving on goods!
highly recommend.



I came across this by accident,during a time when I was unhappy with Customer Service at a company I had been dealing with.
This helped me, in lots of ways, mostly I was able to see,how others managed their frustration,when making complaints. I was not the only one unhappy with this company! I find reading others experiences so helpful even if only sometimes to make you realize It's not just you!
Just need to get used to using this before I buy.


CELEBRITY Cards ...great fun!

Store Braehead Glasgow
Great range of occassion cards priced to suit every budget. High quality merchandise (cards) especially, way better than most even at the lower price range! They have a great range of cards for all occassions, reasonably priced.
Really loving the new range of cards (CELIBRITY FAST CARDS} with with an online code which then allows you to send a video message from a Celebrity. Sent one to my nephew delighted with his Birthday wishes on video from the Saturdays :D

I would not have known how good they are if the shop manager had not given me a demonsration! What a great fun idea!!
Manager and staff so helpful & knowledgable. I also like all the little extra things you can buy! Much more than just a card shop! Keep up the good work @ Braehead!



Would have liked a MINUS STAR RATING ! Have bought loads with no problem, private sellers are usually lovely people. Their hard work and commitment to customer service is what makes ebay! Have also sold some things which again can be a pleasant experience, most private sellers aim to please. Have had some awful buys. things I just put straight in the bin! Some peoples idea of clean/ good condition,?? When something goes wrong the Resolution Centre is there to help! If something is really wrong, by the time you are allowed to involve them it's to late!! Nightmare customer service, no continuity! Over the years had a few unpleasant transactions. Buying & Selling they say,you are protected when infact if you do not just give up, give in, you lose!
Sent a parcel recorded delivery recently, tracked. It was signed for at destination yet recipient is adamant they have not received.
I am just waiting to be told I must refund and claim Royal Mail for missing parcel. Despite the fact ,on calling Customer Service to ask for guidence I was told ebay will rule in my favour as I had proof package was signed for!
Meantime intended recipient is allowed to go ahead and leave malicious feedback( It has been hard work getting a good rating) My paypal account is also affected as ebay has put a hold on MY money till this is sorted ( when I give in).
I am unable to sell anything due to malicious feedback left for me, ( if I saw that kind of comment on feedback I would not consider buying!) all my hard work to build a good reputation..gone with one transaction!All the while I am having to cope with what I can only describe as, blackmail from the other party. "settle & I remove feedback".
I occassionally sell on ebay to help me cover some of the cost of what I buy. Seller protection or buyer protection neither have worked in my favour.
I will be closing my account, somehow I dont think ebay give a hoot!
P.S On checking ebay fees I notice if you sell multiple items to one buyer they ask for a discount on postage, you feel obliged to give one, it's encouraged! Yet ebay fail to take the discount you pass to buyer into account when taking their fees! eg order amount £30 -£5.00 postal discount to customer = £25 sale..ebay take fees from £30.


dont bother if you want decent broadband speed

very poor for broadband! put up with home hub for 12months.Really bad phone reception poor broadband speeds.
Customer support very difficult to understand, spent days on the phone feeling like I was just repeating myself.
In the end I gave up and put up with awful service.
Now changed provider, everything works just as it should.



Had mine for a few years, love it best vacum I ever bought!!
Recently suction was not as it should be called them up, So I thought out of warranty no chance of it not costing me!! WRONG!!
They arranged courier pick up and return to factory for repair.
My dyson was returned to me as good as new @ no charge
TY dyson


refund policy

Just took the item back to customer service desk and was given a refund immediately.
Helpful friendly staff
As I don't live near a store it took some time after purchase for me to return item, no problem to IKEA.
I have bought many items there and this is the first time I have had to return anything!


replacement policy

Just keep your receipt for electrical/ household items.
Anything goes wrong within 12 months
Take it back with receipt, replacement given no questions asked!
Have bought many electrical items, only had to return a few!!
I feel I can buy their reasonably priced items without any concerns if they will last!!


pram repair

Had bought very expensive pram (travel system) from them. Which needed a small repair.
Took it back to the store paid a small fee for repair as pram was out of warranty!
On going back to collect repaired pram, there were marks on it that had not been there before!!

No problem for the store manager!!
He just gave me a brand new pram there and then :)
Wish all stores were that easy to deal with.
Highly recommend them!!
Their prams are excellent.

T Mobile

pay monthly deals

Have been a customer for as long as I have had a mobile (years)
Coverage his greatly improved recently :)
However monthly plan charges do nothing to encourage existing users to stay! You have a plan that works for you. End of contract plans have changed and become more expensive!!
Sadly I think I will now be looking at a new service provider to get more competitive price plan!!!
This is such a nuisance, my partner has stayed with his provider for years and each year his air time goes up!! price plan comes down for LOYALTY.

UPDATE--This year as I said, I was not renewing my contract.I did! Thanks T -Mobile. I am very pleased with my new smart phone & my LOYALTY was rewarded similar plan at a cost per month that I am very Happy with :D Well Done.


excellent service

very speedy delivery on all goods. No quibble returns policy!! Very competitive pricing on most items


excellent service

web site easy to use!! delivery always on time a pleasure to deal with.

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