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Thanks, you made it possible for me to find the greatest wife.

I can't say enough about Yahoo. They give a lot and ask little.
Wow, what a refreshing idea in this greedy corporate world.


great products, but too pricey for this family.

We'd love to buy Apple, just can't afford to.
Too many mouths to feed.
Hate Microsoft, so we are slowly migrating to Linux.
No comparison between a fine company (Apple) and product and one that sells untested software (Windows) and rapes it's customers over and over.


Buy cheap, get junk.

You save a buck and get zero support and low quality merchandise.
Now, they are doing away with all of the neat little departments like sewing and replacing them with throwaways.
I understand that their pharmacy is reasonable and reliable.
I buy a few things there, but lately I leave a lot more often without making a single purchase. They were a good department store in the beginning.
Today, you just can't find what they used to carry. They are doing too poor a job at trying to be "every" business, instead of being good at something. Ah well, maybe it's time we took another look at buying local from the small mom & pop stores. What goes around, comes around.


Greedy and CRAP software

They have us addicted to the PC because the hardware is cheap.
But, in the long run you'd be far better off starting with an Apple.
Once you learn one way to do things, you just HATE to have to learn another way to do the same thing. That is the ONLY reason that Microsoft still exists. We got hooked on cheap hardware and Microsoft came bundled. We learned how to use them and hate to start all over again. But, I'd rather kick this addiction than cigarettes and drugs.
I hate being manipulated by greedy bastards that sell crap.


Neat entertainment and useful information.

This is a good venue. Great idea.
I hope they can make enough profit to hang around.


Great experience every time

Always prompt, reliable and reasonable.
Just can't always find what I'm looking for.


Hate this company more every time I have to deal with them.

They are the giant that steps on sellers without regard, and allows buyers to commit criminal acts as long as they keep coming back.
Case in point. Sell a new dress. Buyer wears it to her function, then claims it does not fit right and returns it stained with food and perspirant.
eBay gives her a FULL refund and the seller now has a used dress and lost the cost of shipping. This goes on over and over.
Shame on you eBay!!!!!!

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Safest in the industry

Quick and convenient for simple purchases.
Still not quite what is needed when you run a business.
Printing ONE packing slip or label at a time is SLOW and hugely time consuming.


It's worth $12. I'd have been unhappy if I paid much more.

Just not very intuitive. I guess it's not fair to compare it to quality products like Photoshop, but it's natural. When you get used to working with programs that flow smoothly, anything else is a big disappointment.

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