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The best way to sell your car

I have used the Autotrader website to advertise and sell my last 3 cars. Every one was a Success. Great Website

City Link

Awful service

Every single delivery I have ever had from City Link has been a disaster. On frequent occasions I get the dreaded 'sorry we missed you' card through the door. The trouble is City link seemed to have closed many of their depots recently and you have to travel a HUGE distance to collect your parcel. 100 miles round trip in my case - i.e £30 petrol bill!!

On other occasions the parcels have been mishandled and arrived badly damaged with ripped packaging. I had a new desktop computer delivered in such a poor state it simply wouldn't function, and on opening the CPU I found all the hard drives had been shaken out of their casings.

Quite simply I will NOT EVER shop on any website that uses City Link as it's logistics business. They are utterly useless.


Tesco Direct

I've placed several orders on Tesco Direct recently. The website is easy to navigate and reasonably quick. There's plenty of product information an good customer reviews. Could do with a bigger range, I've not always been ale to find what I'm looking for, and the prices could be better.

The service is reliable, and I like the convenience of being able to get products delivered to any Tesco store of my choice and for FREE, so I can pick them up on my way home from work.


Good Coverage and Reliable Service

Vodafone coverage is good - even in the rural location where I live. Most other networks do not cover my house, unless you stand in a particular corner of the hall.

The only think I dislike is that I quite often get voicemails coming through several hours or even days after they were left by a caller.

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