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Easy Use on the Internet

Very secure an easy to use and has a very unique design to it..would always recommend...

den 15 februari 2013

Svar från Barclaysmicrosites

Hi Aysha,

We’ve just arrived here on Trustpilot and we’re really interested in the reviews we’ve received from our customers. We hope that by talking to our reviewers we can gain feedback on how we can improve our customers’ experience.

We’re happy to read that you’re so pleased with our Online Banking site. Can we ask if you have any further feedback or if you have encountered anything since your review which you feel could be improved?

Kind regards



Cant live without it

Got the HD box which I'm able to record..


The Best

They have the most amazing Asda branded Carrot cake...yum


Just the right Sale

Has the right sale an service tactics, no one throwing themselves on you unlike Phones4u..


Up to date with fashion for Men/Women wear always :0)

den 21 mars 2012

Svar från

Dear Aysha,

Thank you for you kind feedback.

Kind regards

Boohoo Customer Services



I don't understand why they even exists??? Rubbish customer service and the business also does continuous card payment charged on your Debit card. You would be lucky if you can stop them, the chances are like NEVER...Rubbish internet providing business within the industry.

easy peasy

Quick search an book on great deals, defo would give this company a 9 out of 10..

Just Eat

Variety of food in the area

Great place to check the varieties that are available to within your area, with quick,easy order and payment.

den 20 mars 2012

Svar från

Hello Aysha,

I am glad to hear that you find the Just Eat service useful and easy to use and its good to hear that you find it quick and easy to place orders online. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

Kind Regards,

James Flood
Social Media Consultant


Good for Components

Great place to get components & wires from e.g like transistors, cables etc..


Fashion Beaver store

Cheapest place in town in terms to fashion, always recommend..


Read the T&C or else your gonna get it..

Not happy of not informing customers with the automatic card purchase on a continuous payment, given nasty surprises..

den 20 april 2012

Svar från Vistaprint

Our sincere apology for any inconvenience.
Please feel free to get in touch with our customer support on the free toll number 0800 496 0350 to have a better explanation.
We are available 24/7 to answer all your queries.

Not into you

Not into, I take alternatives...


Finance survivor

Its great when you ever have any questions on the lastest Finance questions then the questions is always in this site...great Info keep up the hard work...


Easy, quick an efficent

Able to always search on essential needs very quick an efficiently an always having Bargains up for grabs :0)


Great Taste

very quick delivery an love the service they have on the internet to be able to track your order.



Able to be flexible on amounts from as little as £5. I'm able to have my alternative cards used an saved on the account Ladbrokes account.


Great place to shop

Love the selection of intercontinental groceries...


4 My Social Buddies

Met a lot of my friends from school an uni an i also have family on the site, its a great way to keep connected.

T Mobile


Great organization that meets my expectations.. on a contract for £30 of an allowance of £180 with unlimited internet on a iphone 4 in the year 2010 which is now due for upgrade. Whats the best next thing they going to offer, "looking forward to it" :0)


Always has what I need

I just use the search tool, an as easy as that, even my grandma knows how to use it:0)


Secure & Trustworthy

The most established online secure payment method used an its definitely knows how to work as a good business..I always would use this method of payment online purchases as i know i will be safe..


The Best

the best search engine in the world, wont be able to get anything better then this....It has what ever you need to know..


Great for Urgency

I urgently required cash due to personal problems. After doing some research on a few payday loans including Wonga etc this one had to be the best to turned too as I had used them previously.
They have a better interest rate no hidden cost or charges like other companies, so you wont be in for any nasty surprises. They provide the cash into your account as its states quick-quid reach my account as soon possible for me to access.
They have other options that Wonga does not have which is a good extension period on loans with additional add for adding on payment amounts to reduce payments for the following month, I have also been awarded the 15% off promotion that was a benefit..
will always turned to Quick quid if I'm ever "in need" for any quick urgent cash..

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