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Best price

I was looking for a particular game that either seemed to be sold out everywhere or well overpriced. Fortunately for me though The Game Collection had the exact game I wanted and at a ludicrously low price. I managed to get the game shipped to me in Japan (in around 5 days) for less than I would have been able to get the game anywhere else, and that included very reasonable shipping costs.

I highly recommend The Game Collection and will certainly shop again. Their daily flash sales alone are worth the visit!


Change of a lifetime!

I am sold on Apple. I was a PC person through and through but I can now see that I should have given more of my time to Apple. I remember my father having an early Apple desktop, but not really being able to appreciate it. I wish I'd stuck with that path, but at least I'm back on it now!


Why shop online elsewhere?

Consistently the site I go to for my game and bluray needs. 99p delivery to Japan and low prices is too good to turn down. My wallet and wife don't thank me, but it's worth it in the end. Thanks Zavvi!


Information overload

Whatever there is to know about macs and its related is here.



This used to the place to go but it's more like a ghost town these days. What a shame.

Nice looking

Nice looking site with very reasonable prices and delivery options.

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A really nice little website with competitive prices and good deals from time to time. Shipping to Japan is reasonable and everything has arrived as described. Excellent work!



Bought myself a computer mixer from here and found the service excellent. E-mail response was quick and delivery fine. Good service all round.


Why download?

Why download when all this incredible music is available for free!???!! An incredible site where days can be lost looking and listening.



I love Instagram! It's so easy to use and the fact that it links with my facebook, tumblr and twitter, makes it even more perfect. Updates seem to make it better and better. Thank you!


Overpriced but for a reason?

Itunes, despite it's higher costs when compared to others, has an edge in the way that it integrates with my iphone, ipad, ipod and imac. Genius!


Go to guy

Youtube is my go to guy for everything. Music, tech reviews and unboxings to name just a few. Youtube knows no limits!

Play Asia


I love Play Asia. Most times it's my first stop for games (more PS3 than xbox these days) but I like the prices and the delivery is very reasonable. Always good customer service. Highly recommended!


When do I not use Google?

Whether I'm searching the web or sending mail, Google is there. I don't even bother with going elsewhere.


The best

I won't go anywhere else to check out films and TV information. IMDB beats the competition, hands down.



Twitter is incredible! So simple, yet so effective!


Life saver

Skype is amazing. The fact that I can talk, for free, to people all over the world, is something to behold! I worry about a day when this will start to cost.


Even in Japan

Even in Japan Ebay is a life saver. Twinned to that the safety of using Paypal, it's a winning combination!



I love to use Paypal for my internet splooshing! The security of buying without the fear of being ripped off!



What can I say about Amazon that hasn't already been said? Top class prices, service and delivery!

First class!

I live in Japan and buy most of my clothes and vinyl from Chemical Records. They offer the best prices, very reasonable shipping and it's usually here in no time. They're efficient and polite and I've never had a problem with previously bought vinyl or clothing. I can't wait for the next sale!!

PROFIL - Alex Coxs

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Alex Cox
Man, 1979
Yokohama-shi, Japan


Brit living in Japan (have been for 10 years) who uses the internet heavily for shopping, so I've been here and there.