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Not especially good for the money

Had to order some books from the US and the supplier insisted on UPS. UPS sent it to the wrong place, couldn't get the books back and it took weeks before I got the books resent. Total waste of money.


Generally good though different levels of service in different branches

Been to the ones in Kingston and Richmond. You can often get a voucher online, e.g. 2 for 1. Just need to look for them on Google.

Normally good service, though once they served a steak they called sirloin but was in fact a cheaper cut of meat. They blamed someone else for that. They gave me dad a free dessert after he comnplained about that. Best to stick to pizza when you order there.

Richmond really struggled with a pre-theatre crowd. Lots of angry customers that day.


Nice jewellery and you are dealing with the person who makes it

I was looking to buy some jewellery for my wife who likes silver jewellery and found this site.

Its quite a small site, and the look of the website could be improved a bit, but the actual jewellery was nice. I had to exchange a few emails with Sonya who owns the site (and makes the jewellery) as I had some questions about it, but in the end I made my order and my wife was pleased with it.


Cheap and reliable, but web site is clunky

I shopped around for a cheap place for my SIPP and found Alliance Trust. All charges are up-front, and they rebated fees before the law forced companies to do so.

Website is a bit clunky and sometimes felt the ETF and bonds available limited though.


They get you in with good rates and then poor service prevents you leaving

The rates on my accounts were all good for 12 months, then became terrible. I stopped putting money in the current account and was gouged £5 per month till I realised.

The branch staff are ill trained and it took several branch visits to close my account and get my money back.


Good service

Nationwide has never been an exciting company, but it does what it says it will do. Rates could be better, but the lack of service charges is great.


Reasonable prices and range

Prefer Wickes to Homebase for cost. but the range is often not quite as good.


Good but expensive for what they are

Not sure what you gain for going with them. You can get cheaper phone and internet elsewhere, and FreeSat gives loads of channels for nothing.

Used to be a customer, a refugee from Talk Talk, but didnt keep them when I moved house, as the cost wasnt worth it

Cheap but haphazard service

My wife used to rely on them for much of the Christmas gift shop due to their range and prices, but there have been too many errors in delivery. so she stopped using them.

Examples of errors: sending the wrong item; covering the box in sellotape, making it hard to give as a gift, very, very late delivery.


One of the sites I trust

I often use Zoopla to give guideline valuations of houses. It does sometimes disagree with what local estate agents try to get, but maybe that is a good thing.

I agree with some other reviews that some valuations are a bit skewed due to the recency of sales, but I can sort of see where its coming from. If one house sells for a lower price than another in the street, you might think it remained worth less than the other later on.
Its only meant to be a guideline anyway.

Its a good service though, and I use it when researching the next dream house, and the next "final move".


Good service generally but home delivery hit and miss

The subsitutions are sometimes a bit annoying and they are occaisionly late without warning, but most times its good enough.


Necessary service but a rip off

Ticket master have high fees and this tie in with the resale sites they have has a nasty smell.

They are useful though, and the overpriced tickets do arrive


Good phone but not perfect

I have an HTC Wildfire. It is normally brilliant, but from time to time it freezes, I need to take the battery out and then reset the time and date. Very annoying especially as it happens every week or two.

Otherwise very intuitive phone. Better than my nokia brick

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not cheap and not a good service

If you want to sit on a plastic moulded chair and have no comforts and be bullied into buying booze for an hour or two and need to travel from airports no where near anywhere useful, I can recommend RyanAir.


Not perfect but better than the budget airlines

Have given up on EasyJet and especially RyanAir. BA is about the same price anyway.
Flying to Scotland with BA is great, just never, ever use Heathrow. City Airport is a gem. 20 min check in.


Really cheap, quality ok

Have bought loads from them. Sign up with your email and wait for the offers. Don't bother with the normal price. have T-shirts, calendars, business cards. Quality is ok, not rubbish, not high end, but not bad for a few quid.

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Was cheap but terrible customer service

Used to be a customer. When I moved house I tried to transfer service. 3 months later no joy. Lots of cancelled engineers and false promises. Customer service all over the world. The South African team were more helpful than the Indian one. Not sure I ever spoke to some one else in the UK


Not all cashback gets attributed but otherwise great

My £100 from O2 never appeared, but have made lots of money from other websites I clicked on


Does what you expect

I am lucky enough to be on the old Amazon £4 per month for 2 DVDs deal which they still honour (not open to new customers). Can't really fault it at that price.

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Just Eat

Unreliable at times

they often make mistakes and allow fake reviews

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Hello Steve,

I'm glad to hear that you find the website easy to use and that our customer service team were able to help you on the one occasion you needed them.

I'm sorry to hear you feel our website is a bit clunky, we are constantly updating and improving the website to make it more user friendly.

Your feedback is important to us, thank you for taking the time to leave a review and we look forward to your future custom.

Kind Regards,



Great service, pity about the privacy

Google provides so many amazing free tools. Shame they are now removing all privacy piece by piece


Favourite online shop

Amazon is really good.

I like being able to sell unwanted books on the market place (the fees are a little expensive though, but better than eBay).

When buying, the times when there are problems they sort them out without hassle.

The gift list is a great idea and well implemented.

No faults.


Security checks are a pain

I have a business account with Paypal. Up till a month ago, the service was good, 5 out 5.

Since I started paying for things in USD from my GBP account, I have had my account limited 3 times in a month. They say my IP address has changed since the last time I used it, so clearly my account has been hacked. What a complete joke. What are passwords for then?

If you want to speak to them, its an 0870 number then an automated answer machine, then someone in India, then a 15 minute wait for an accounts manager in Ireland.

I just wish there was a proper alternative to them.


Ok, but terrible customer service

Service is generally pretty good, but don't bother contacting their customer services. I asked if I could get another user on my account to view my bills. Was told they would set up an email to them. Nothing happened, the notes did not mention that promise, their complaints website form is broken and they didn't reply to a complaint letter.

So phone connection + 3G: 5 out of 5
Customer service : -1 / 5,

so a total score of 2 / 5


Does help a bit but is not perfect

When we used to used gumtree to find builders/tradesmen, the majority were hopeless or cowboys. With Check a trade, the quality is better, but its not perfect. Still get 2 or 3 quotes and still be wary.

Am struggling to post feedback on it. Had no problem when I reviewed someone good, but seems system struggles to process negative comments. One week since I tried to post a less than glowing review and it still hasn't appeared. A coincidence I am sure.

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A Scot living in England, I am frustrated by the near total lack of customer service in this country, though I will also try to review things that are actually good too.