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I don't have a problem with Santander

Santander is my main bank...and was wary when they took over Abbey, but I have had nothing to complain about...much better now their call centres are back in the service is excellent...and I think they have got better.


Good Value

They always have what you are looking for...but you need to check the special offers...not always the best value...sometimes bigger packs are better value than an offer on regular packs....good value on clothing....everyday wear and great for childrens clothes.


Good Value.

I shop at Tesco early morning on my way to work. They always have what I am looking for ..though you have to check their special offers...not always the best value....sometimes a larger pack is better value than their special buy packs. If you shop regularly at Tesco then get a Clubcard...points add up and come in handy at Christmas or holiday time.


Top Quality & Top Service

Healthspan service is consistently excellent. I buy the B12 & B Complex and they are the best quality and value for money that can be purchased. I always recommend Healthspan and no one has been disappointed in the service and value.

PROFIL - Geraldine McPhees

profil bild av Geraldine McPhee
Geraldine McPhee
Kvinna, 1949
Manchester, Storbritannien