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Advice? First they have to knowledge!

Last year i went in to Citizen Advice to talk about a letter i got from my mortgage company about them splitting up there insurance company - so i could not pay my household insurance any more on the mortgage. So i was asked to pay £47 then it went up to the whole years worth to £489. which i could not afford so i got in contact with Citizen advice! After many phone calls trying to get hold of them and using the 08 number which cost me a fortune over a period of three months - I sat there and listerend to a lady going on about what to do if you can not pay your mortgage!!!!! and then she showed me in great detail there website - which i told her i looked at already and there was no advice on there about what i am looking for, then she went on about tell your mortgage company and let them know if you can not pay your mortgage!!! I can pay my mortgage i wanted to know about what i can do with this household insurance payment i can not afford to pay - that went up from £47 to £489 - LOOK and SEEK advice else where do not waste your time trying to get hold of them or even talking to them. Look on there website but do not expect clear answers, there are plenty of other advice sites i would try them first and i have and got a better answer for my problem


Staff attitude and small shop with out much room,

Shame you cant order online - shop can get very packed and there is more products than actual any where to walk! Alot of the time i see shop lifters and point them out to staff but they seem uniterested in doing anything. Returning items that you have bought because you have used them at home and they broke can be a task... I bought a very very large mug that had a rather thin handle when my hubby had a hot drink the handle came away from the mug and hot tea ended up all over him, but pound land on returning tried to replace with a small mug! i said my hubby wants a large! she said fathers dad is over and there all in the warehouse..after complaining she gave me my money back.. So expect poor quality items and poor customer service.


I love this shop, has everything you need.

I used to do a big shop in the actual shop it self but felt to ill due to the air conditioning i think making it dry air in there, so i felt sick when shopping, i have done some shopping on line how ever and after a while i give up due to web site faults so i check out early. After putting an item in your basket it would be nice to have a continue to shop - but when you go back to previous page basket is empty, but item re-appears when you move on, delivery of items can be a bit rough, boxes end up dented and out of shape this is ok if you have no breakables (i am yet to buy any) and think i never will till delivery improves.

How ever i had a delivery of a watering can a while ago and it was missing the rose, i sent a message to wilkinson, and it was answered straight away and in two days rose was delivered, very good customer service online i can not fault it - best i have had.

In store they can be unfriendly and rather rude, and security are a little eager ! Once after cleaning a mansion i was going to another job and in town and had alot of cleaning products given to me by my boss - i stopped of on wilkinsons for a drink and a snack and saw security ducking and diving behind shelves and then on leaving they ask where i got the cleaning stuff sticking out of my bag! they would not believe me that my boss gave it to me so i had to give them his number to confirm it and what i had got ! so that was a little stressful.

So over all a few probs but a great place to shop.


Good info, on deals and comps, but hard to find info on rules of site

When posting for the first time, there is not enough info on how to post and when i posted i didnt add enough info about the competition, and my posting was removed, and i got a message saying not enough info) - i would of liked to of been told where i went wrong and have a little help in making sure i posted correctly when posting again- (so my anxiety increased) and some one who is seriously ill does not need this.. try and find there rules and how to use the site? i have been on there a few months now and still half blind, i never new how the voting system worked till a wk ago - then because i voted on deals and comps i got told off for not leaving reasons for my cold votes? As there is serious rules on voting so expect confusion! and a message to tell you off for it...

When posting a deal or comp - often it does not recognise there is a simular one already posted - which is not allowed obviously, and try searching to see if a simular one exsits! Layout needs a rethink.

Over all i find some people on the site very friendly, at times there is to many monkeys how ever who can not wait to gang up on you for a small mistake, and leave you a message or two or three so if your ill like me be careful.
Also i would like to add that i do at least 3,000 comps a month and i am always winning something nearly all how ever are not on this site.. Most comps are for larger items with high value, low value comps there are not much off, i have done comps for some time and have a good insight and no where to search for them..and have the time. to many people entering high value comps have a very small chance of winning... so people complain they have not won anything.

I think it would also be nice to have a winners section? so people can see what others have won - maybe one does exsits? but i am yet to find it. I still have not manage to post a item for sale as i am still confused on this, no doubt i will get told off when i do.

I give it two stars for the reasons i have mentioned, and there are to many monkeys.

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Retro sweets galore

I ordered before Christmas, easy check out and good delivery.
All sweets ordered arrived in good condition and quality, packaged well.
Buyers must check contents before signing as if anything is missing and you except the parcel you may not be covered. So sign it unchecked if you have not the time on delivery.


Fab books never had a problem downloading

Never had a problem down loading, lots of different formats for any type of ebook readers. I have a Binatone ebook reader and i down load PDF format, i have read many books which i have down loaded. Some books are a little old not many new novels with a lot of posh words, But there is a variety for every ones tastes.


I have shopped with them for many years and now on line.

I have been a customer for many years in shop i do not try much on, as the shop is very hot in the summer months and can make you feel ill, with the dry sticky heat - puts me off, thinking also who has been sweating over the clothes before hand- Staff no there air conditioning is not working and for some reason for years it remains unfixed.

Shopping online is a lot easier and i can try the clothes on in the comfort of my own home, Check out i always have a problem with it being not secure, only site i have this problem. Delivery not very fast a week for most items to arrive.


Perfect shop every time, fast checkout and delivery.

I used to shop else where but find Very prices are a lot cheaper, Always fast delivery and easy check out. I often get sent an email (that if i place an order i will get a treat) never had a treat yet as i do not need to order anything when i get the email, but look forward to a treat in the future.


Love shopping with HMV but delivery needs speeding up.

I love shopping with HMV been shopping in there shop for many years, staff always chatty and polite, and eager to help if you have a problem.
Shopping on line is some times a long process pages seem to take ages to load, easy check out - delivery is often slow which lets HMV down.


Always something missing, Sell by date eat within 2 days

I have been shopping online now for some time, I never get my full shop from them, Something as basic as Cheddar cheese they never have.
Vegetables and fruit are often a day away from putting in the bin and meat sell and use by dates need improving, I often think that because you are a home delivery they think its acceptable to bring you what they would bin and can not sell in the shop.
I always ask for bags, but half my shop never comes in bags, if you opt for no bags you get extra Green points, But i never see any extra Green points for my shopping that do not come in bags.


Affordable, No hidden costs-Fast Delivery

I done a price comparison online and found that many places added extra on the cost at the check out. With FFX Tools the price was as was written no hidden extras at the check out like many other shops.
Ordered Late on Thursday night with a quick an easy check out process and item came early Saturday morning, very quick shipping.
I highly recommend, and i would buy from them again.

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