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Worst energy company ever

Used a comparison web search to find a cheaper tarrif, npower came up cheapest. I emailed then phoned them t arrange to change over to them. Was told it would be painless, that they would do all the work. All I had to do was tell my old supplier my meter readings and then my supplier would be changed. This was back in October. We are now in April and although I left my old supplier 4th December 2012 I still do not know my account number, I still don't have a direct debit set up and have now got a bill which they still have not sent me and cannot tell me how much it is over the phone. I have phoned and been told that there was a problem which would be sorted soon, this was back in January. In March I phoned again when I noticed that no money had been taken out my account and was told that a complaint would have to be raised and this would be done immediately. They could see there was a problem with the account and it would be sorted. I then received an email 3 weeks ago confirming that someone would be in touch shortly and to assure me the problem would be sorted. Still waiting. Emailed them 4 days ago telling them they had 7 days to sort it or I would be moving supplier. They cherish my custom so much the have not bothered to reply. Do not touch them, they are rubbish. I now owe a bill I cannot afford even though I still don't know how much it will be by the time they get the problem sorted.

Safercigs Ltd

Stop smoking the painless way

I bought this for my dad. He wanted to stop smoking but has been smoking for over 60 years and had tried the e cigarettes you can buy at garages. Although he tried hard to use these instead of cigarettes he just didn't get the satisfaction from them. He talked to someone who had tried the safersigs and recommeded them. I phoned Darren from safercigs and asked about what I needed as a starterpack for my dad and he was extremely helpful. Sent me links to what to buy online and a link to a video to show how to use them. After receiving them within a week, my dad was up and running. He had a bit of a hiccup at the start and did not really manage to get a satisfactory smoke from them so I emailed Darren and explained the problem he was having, he emailed straight back and told me how to work it which I explained to my dad and it worked perfectely. Very friendly and helpful service, would recommend them.

Poles & Blinds

Poles apart

Had real trouble finding a pole to fit our bay window. Some of them after reading the instructions was needing someone a lot brighter and handier than me to put them up. I cam across this site and clicked on them expecting much the same but lo and behold a description of the pole I could understand and it looked like it would be easy enough to put up. Ordered the size and design on the easy to navigate website and within 5 days my pole had arrived. Checked it out and all the bits were there, the design and sizes were as advertised. I only had to cut one of the poles to length but that was an easy job. It has very handy elbow brackets which allow for my shallow bay window and looks really good. Would recommend. Oh and the price was reasonable too. There are cheaper poles out there but the width of the pole is too thin and the brackets are cheap and nasty.


Apalling customer service

If I could I would give no stars for this. Tried to pay off balance on card 3 weeks ago and still trying while the interest just adds up. Spent a fortune on phone calls to customer service, received a couple of emails telling me someone would phone me and almost a fortnight later still waiting on the never coming phone call. I eventually gave up again and phoned them in yet another failed attempt to pay off the card and after 17 mins I got transferred to someone "higher up" in customer service who offered to freeze the interest until the start of April when I would be able to pay off the card (apparently you can only make 2 payments in any one month before their system won't allow another payment on the account), even though my attempts to pay failed they still count as payments. She then asked me if I was happy with the outcome, which I was not as it did not sort the problem as I could still not pay off my card and no one from customer service had called me when they said they would, she then told me she could not freeze the interest and my complaint would be sent to another department. So Barclay card was trying to buy me off for a few pounds of interest. No way. I then received an email 10 days ago saying someone would be in touch in 7 days, still no phone call, email or letter. Atrocious service. I tried on the 2nd April to pay off card and once again was unsuccessful. Dont understand why I can't pay off the balance, I have enough money in my account, my details are up to date. I just want to get rid of my card debt but Barclay card are holding me to randsom by now allowing this and charging me more interest every day, then not phoning when they say they will. As soon as I can I will be cancelling this account. Don't touch Barclay card, their customer service is rubbish.


A bit unsure of this one

When I first came upon this site, I really liked it as I thought I was getting honest opinions of shopping sites. I even posted a couple of reviews of companies I had bought from and after reading comments about companies I was thinking of buying from changed my mind about them and tried another company which had good reviews. So far so good. That is until I bought furniture from and received below par furniture, I posted a review which was removed, I received an email from trustpilot asking me to verify I actually had dealings with the company as the company could not verify I was a customer from the information on the trustpilot website. I sent trustpilot my receipt to prove I was a genuine customer but almost two weeks later my review is still not showing. On scrolling down the reviews of this company I noticed they had excellent reviews but a lot of reviews had been removed and were being investigated, I assume they were giving negative feedback like myself. What is the point of ths site if the company who gives bad service or sells rubbish stuff can get the reviews removed? Starting to think this might not be a site I can trust.

Heather June Soper tyckte detta omdöme var användbart

den 10 april 2012

Svar från Trustpilot

Dear Linda,

Thanks for your comments. We are very aware of the issue and we apologise!

At the moment however we are experiencing an abnormally high load of support tickets - thus creating a backlog of handling your requests and inquiries. Unfortunately this can mean a longer response time.

At the same time we are going through structural changes in our Customer Service, building on your responses, types of inquiries and further needs - all aimed at being able to provide you with the best possible service.

We therefore ask you in the meantime to be patient while we work hard on providing you with a better Trustpilot customer service experience.

I promise you will receive a response to your mail as soon as possible. You are helping to make the site and the reviews better, and you should have thanks for that!

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

With kind regards,

Peter - Trustpilot Customer Service


Love Tesco online shopping

I have done a lot of online shopping with Tesco and I cannot fault their service. There has been a few occasions where they don't have the item I have asked for and they give a subsitute. On most occassions the substitute has been acceptable, the times it has not the driver just took the item back and the money was credited back into my account. The drivers are always friendly and arrive in the time I have asked for. Would recommend this type of grocery shopping for anyone too busy to go to the supermarket or like me just hate going into supermarkets.


Poor Quality and bad sportsmanship

What is it with this review being taken down as it contravenes their review guidlines? There is nothing in this review that is untrue and it is my opinion, there are no swear words or members of staff mentioned by name, I have not defamed anyone. It is a true account of my experience with this company. After looking through many of the reviews on here I see that a lot have been removed and mostly only excellent ones remain. What is that about? I have changed my star rating from 2 to 1.

Was looking for an oak coffee table and oak nest of tables. After a little searchin online I discovered the perfect table and nest of tables with oakfurnitureland, I was delighted with the price as they were on sale. Still a bit expensive but compared to other websites I thought good value. That was until they arrived, the delivery driver would not wait till I had checked them as he said he was a 3rd party delivery and it would not matter if I rejected them as he would not take them back anyway. I signed reluctantly but put on it they were unchecked. I opened the box of the coffee table and at frist look could see it was very poor quality. The slats that rang along the length of the table did not sit equally, the space between was different from one end to the other end, they were different lengths. I immediate rang oakfurnitureland, who asked me to take several photos and send them to them, I received a phone call a couple of days later to say they would £30 off the price of the table, allow me an exchange or return the table and get a refund. I opted for a refund and also a refund of the nest of tables (which I had not even opened so disgusted with the quality of the coffee table). After discussion with a manager I finally got them to let me return the nest for free as I had not just changed my mind about the purchase but the coffee and nest were bought for the one room and one without the other was pointless. The got them picked up the next day and a week later still waiting on the refund. I phoned 3 days ago to ask where my refund was and they had no knowledge of the items being picked up even though I had phoned them when the delivery driver left with the items. Fingers crossed they give me my refund very soon.

Should have left an update sooner, finally did receive a full refund. But this would not change my mind about the company, would not recommend them or use them again.

Robert R S Waltersoch Oak Furnitureland Problems tyckte detta omdöme var användbart


I want my life back.

Love, love, love facebook. It is really good to catch up with friends and family who live far away. The only thing is that is not all I do, I spend most of the time stalking people and finding time has suddenly just gone. Only log on for a quick look and before I know it, hours have passed. I need/want my life back.


Too much postage.

I order a lot of things of Amazon and never been let down, the only thing that I object to is that sellers get to choose how much they charge for postage as I always feel it is too much. When I order several items from different sellers it ends up costing me the same again in postage.


It would appear that have finally gone out of business and the new company that have taken over have said they will not be responsible for any orders placed before 22nd March and for customers to contact their credit card company for refunds. Absolutely shocking the amount of time it has taken them to admit this and to still be taking orders and peoples money knowing they would/could not deliver. Would not order from the new company if they paid me as can only assume they knew what was going on and may even be still using the same staff. Stay well clear unless you like to fling your money away, if that is the case I can furnish you with my address and you can send it to me.

den 28 mars 2012

Svar från Pioneer Bathrooms Ltd

To All Customers,

As of 22nd March 2012, Ltd has ceased to trade.

All intellectual property rights, including this website, are now owned and operated by Pioneer Bathrooms Ltd.

Pioneer Bathrooms Ltd are not responsible for any previous orders placed before the 22nd March 2012, as the company is not associated with Ltd in any way.

We urge all previous customers of Ltd to contact their credit card company regarding any outstanding orders; the Pioneer Bathrooms team will be unable to help with any queries of this nature.

We are looking to re-launch the website within the next week. We thank you for your patience and support during the changeover period.

Pioneer Bathrooms

Item as promised

Luckily I did not read the reviews before ordering from this company as I would have not have used them. I ordered a gas fire and limestone fire surround, which was delivered within 2 weeks. The only problem I had was finding someone to fit the fireplace as everywhere I phoned only fitted their own fireplaces. I finally found someone after a week by using the find a tradesmen website. The fireplace is beautiful and looks very expensive, the gas fire is lovely and together they are stunning. I would highly recommend this company.

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