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Unable to competently repair warrantied unit

I have only made two negative reviews in my life so for me to make one says a great deal about my level of frustration. I read in an earlier review that this company is great when they are selling you something but that's where the good service/communication ends and I couldn't agree more. My DVR was sent in for a warranty repair because it completely stopped working (my $100 expense). Two weeks later it comes back and is doing the exact same thing I sent it to them to repair. To keep this review brief I will just say that their inability to communicate in a consistent and above board level was astonishing. Between their inability to competently repair my unit and a pure indifference towards my investment and time I would say that the concept of what they advertise is great. Their ability to follow through with that concept isn't.

PROFIL - Johns

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Man, 1973
Baton Rouge, USA