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TARget my favorite store

I was first introduced to Target in Virginia back in the 90's and I held my breathe waiting for them to arrive. I'm so happy they are down the street, around the corner, on my way home from work. I enjoy their brands, their selection, their food corner, their layout and keep shopping there.


I'm in Love with Qvc

When my friends say, where did you get this or that - QVC - when customers ask me why we don't sell this or that - I ask them, have you tried QVC. Awesome selection, brand names, reliability, without leaving your house and with the price of gas, it's great!


Love Skype

Skype gives me the ability to speak with my friends in other countries without spending 900$'s for the phonecall - it allows you to maintain your connection without charging you an arm and a leg.


Love EBay

Love EBay - great products - great vendors - good selection - ability to rate and dispute


Love Google

Love Google Use Google Count on Google Love Google


don't like paypal

would like it better if they knew how to communicate with their customers - but they do not so I don't use paypal


Amazon is Grabazon

I love Shopping @ Amazon

I enjoy the delivery and ability to count on the day of delivery, I do not like the per piece charge differenetial on each new order.

PetFlow is Great, Easy, Dependable, Reliable and I won't shop anywhere else as long as they are consistent with the pricing on each order and competitive.

PROFIL - Gails

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