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Great service, great price, great bouquet.

I order a bouquet for my missus, no reason, just because. It was delivered the next day, I was advised of the status of the delivery throughout, and she was delighted.

Brownie points all round!

My Tuxedo

Neat Shirt, Good Price, Swift Delivery

This is what on-line shopping should be about, specialist 'niche' retailers selling hard to find items at competitive prices, and delivering swiftly.

A great transaction, thanks!


Incredible value.

Don't ask how Poundland can do what they do for the price, ask how everybody else gets away with charging two or three times as much for the same products.

Okay, so there's some stuff you wouldn't buy (but obviously somebody does) but I always come out having bought more than I expected.


A guilty pleasure.

My wife hates ALDI, so they are very much a guilty pleasure. I love mooching round and finding unexpected, inexpensive surprises.

Their Monday and Thursday specials are always interesting, a friend equipped his home workshop with power tools from Aldi, and I'm not far behind!

Probably THE best technology supplier in the country.

I've been using eBuyer for years, they have a comprehensive range of stuff at very competitive prices and delivery is always prompt.

In all honesty I can't remember the last time I used anybody else!

den 30 januari 2012

Svar från Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I am very pleased to hear how happy you are with the service you have received from Ebuyer.

Thank you for your positive comments regarding our items, delivery and prices.

Our Customer Support Team are always happy to help if you require any future assistance.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

Tyre Shopper

First rate service, fast and efficient.

Excellent, prompt service, swapped front and rear sets while changing tyres (so that the new set were on the front).

Would happily use this depot again.

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