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Outdoors at Your Fingertips

I was truly happy when not finding what I needed in the store I was able to order it online and pick it up at the store the very next week just in time to climb a mountain.


More User Friendly

I've had trouble with a couple of songs not downloading correctly and the store kicking me out a few times. However, customer service helped me immediately by resending the songs. I'm not sure why the store doesn't come up all the time or kicks me out though.


Very Informative!

What a great site for finding out all those questions you have about movies, watching trailers, and checking up on your favorite actors!

The pages can get a bit busy though.

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Love it!

I have used tripadvisor thousands of times in order to find places to vacation, stay, eat, and play! I use it for out of town and for at home! I appreciate that I know enough about reviewers in order to determine how their review applies to me. I also love that I can post pictures with my reviews. Great site!


Helpful With Research

I absolutely adore the fact that I learned how to crochet by watching youtube! I also enjoy some of the funny postings. That being said, I need to explain that the reason I could only give 3 stars is due to allowance by youtube of inappropriate content including nudity, profanity, and various raunchy postings and even reviews by others. This is maybe the way this sick world is going but it doesn't make it right or appropriate and definitely not polite for someone to review or post such sickening videos.


Best Invention!

We were able to show all the family in various parts of the country the brand new baby in Honolulu.


Great for Finding What I Want

Google is my favorite search site because it always shows me what I am looking for. The pictures are the best and it makes it easy by condensing the pictures into smaller icons enabling you to search through them faster.


Wonderful go between

This is truly helpful with transactions between people who have no reason to trust one another. I am also quite pleased with being able to use paypal when buying from certain websites and I don't have to reenter my credit card number.


Great for Buying

This site used to be a place to go to as my favorite garage sale. Since then ebay has "grown" to be more of an entrepreneur site for those selling wholesale or marked down items. My biggest concern is that they always take the buyers side even when you can show that the buyer is lying through their teeth. I've lost money on a couple of transactions from buyers who ripped me off and ebay really didn't care.


Books, books, books

A wonderful and pleasant place to store what you have read and share reviews with others including your friends. I absolutely love that I can be standing in the bookstore looking at a book and can pull up goodreads on my phone to find out if the book is worth buying or not! Love it!


Tied in with Everyone and Client Friendly

I love the fact that I can buy anything on Amazon! They have helped me when a company sent me an inferior product that I bought through them and have allowed me to sell my own products.


Great prices for the budget

I love Kohls because I have two teenage boys that seem to rip a pair of jeans and a t-shirt every week. I can just pop over to Kohls and grab a new one without breaking the budget. The staff is always friendly and helpful. They have even honored an expired coupon for me because I had missed the expiration by only a couple of days! They always take returns with a receipt for all those times when my boys haven't liked the shirt or pants I brought home for them!


Fabulous clothes and Great Service

Athleta provides quality clothing that lasts and looks great. I have been buying all my clothing for them for over two years now because I look great in their line of clothing and they are very comfortable. I am not just talking about the yoga and workout clothing but the regular, everyday wear. I highly recommend them to those that love comfort without having to sacrifice looks!

Straight Forward and Easy to Use

Cheapoair always has the best prices and the customer service is amazing. I use them to book all my flights for the year. They alert me instantly when changes to my flight are made, send me updates, let me know when a good deal is happening, and are helpful when I have questions or problems with my itinerary.

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