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Bigfoot Has A Smaller Footprint

And hackers love you.
When will this software giant make a user friendly anything that uses less than 400GB of your hard drive to store and 4GB of your memory to run and gets hacked with alarming regularity?
I know - dream on.
That's why people still use XP - it works and hackers "been there-done that".


What Hasn't Been Said Already?

Great prices, no haggle returns, rapid low cost shipping, quality merchandise.
The best.


Still Amazing To Use

Some new features make the king of searches almost too quick for it's own good - it tries to anticipate your question while your typing and sometimes gives different results if you try the same question twice within a few minutes.


Hopefully The Goose Doesn't Get Cooked

Affordable phone on your computer.
Where else can you make a local call from half a world away?
Just remember a USB phone style handset to eliminate the bugaboos of having a speaker transition to a microphone to a speaker.
My Bluetooth headset had problems too.


Good Stuff

Watched old "In Living Color" and "Saturday Night Live" skits along with some videos that make you laugh, cry, think, etc.
Stil there are those things and people that should not be there..


Overpriced/Over Hyped

$300 for a set of headphones I can get from another company for $40.


For Da Kiddiez

And creepy people trying to sign you up to see them bonk donkies - yikes!
At least that's what I remember - haven't been there in years.
Don't plan to return.


Very Pleased Despite Bad Reviews

When I first saw the site I felt I needed to find as many reviews as possible to justify purchasing from
Boy was I wrong. The package arrived in two days, the bulbs were packed in a static senstive envelope, not a blister pack like most companies.
Let me just provide some background before I go on - I have been purchasing LED automotive light bulbs since they first started selling them, so I know all the types and have personally owned and used them on everything from my 1995 Thunderbird and 1988 420SEL to my 2010 Escape and have purchased them all on line from eBay and directly from the merchant/manufacturer.
The website looks like a refugee from Window98, but I was able to navigate with little difficulty.
I too was questioning why their bulb was $5 more than superbrightleds' $24.95.
Well first off - it's not the same bulb - duh.
Whereas the superbrightleds bulb has 45 SMD units in it, it is only worh about 3w-6w of power - not much light for $25 - and this is what they term as their 'brightest' bulb.
I purchased the 3w reflector bulb from and two competitor bulbs with similar and higher SMD counts - 44ea and 68ea, of these three, the 3w was far brighter, although it claims to be a 320 degree beam I seriously doubt it as light was brightest from dead center to just about 90 degrees.
The unit sports 4 sections (3 side ovals and one forward facing dome) with 3x1w SMT bulbs behind crystal wide angle lenses = 12w a bulb - is far brighter than the 3w and flat blows 44, 45, 68 and 96 SMD units clear out of the water and worth the $30.
I only wish that this bulb came with the diffuser lenses as an option to increase the light dispersion.
Also it should be noted that another difference is that when the light transitions from marker to stop or turn the increase in light is extremely noticeable unlike SMD units that barely flicker or 'pulse'.
Overall I say I will be doing business with this company again in the near future.

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