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Great product information and great buy & return policy

I don't buy a lot of stuff from Amazon but I have always found the product information up to date. I know if it is in stock, and when it is shipped, and they deliver to my PO Box which is great for a busy person like myself.


Why do they need to keep my credit cards details on file.

There is no way to have an active account with these guys and not have your credit card details on file. It is companies like this that increase the cost of credit 'cause there is so much online credit card fraud.


Who uses this product?

I like to have the cd in my hands, read the dust jacket, understand the music. Do people really trust their music interest to a computer company, lets get real here. Music is the way to a person soul and you going to trust that to an online store.


Why do thy always change the way skype works.

If the product works, why try and change it and piss people off from using it. Just leave it alone.


to much to choose from with often poor product information

I have stopped using ebay. I has become a race to the lowest common denominator. People trading in junk. I try and find a dedicate site for the type of product I am after, photography, books etc. I even find Amazon better for 2nd hand products than ebay.


Great product even if I only use a small portion of it.

This is a great product, parameter driven, with a variety of skins that can create for you a photo gallery that you will be proud to have on your webpage. I needed a very simple gallery, without advertising, that was easy for the viewer to understand and follow. I was able to create a web gallery and display this within an iFrame on my Joomla website with minutes. It now has inbuilt ftp which is great as I can create and upload my web gallery all from the same spot.

PROFIL - Lawrence Whitings

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